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  • The Way Things Are Going

    The Power Of The Widget If, like us, you are constantly watching the rate at which technology simplifies and empowers then take a look at what follows. Just a small selection of what's possible armed with enough knowledge to be seriously dangerous. We are constantly amazed by the power of the tools at our fingertips. [...]

  • #whatmatters

    Success Is Always About What Matters. By Hazel Tiffany & John Caswell The Premise Our world is full of Inconvenient Truths and Convenient Stances. Every aspect of life –  business, social, natural, political, religious – is facing more and more challenge as change occurs faster and everything becomes way more complex – or complicated. Over the centuries […]

  • No Mobile Strategy? No Business Then

    The Leaders Of Business Are Increasingly Embracing Mobile Technology. But Are They Doing It Quickly Enough To Survive? CNBC‘s “Europe’s Mobile Elite 2013″ states:

  • Let’s Put An End To ‘Business As Usual’

    I can’t understand being happy with the idea of everyday being the same. The concept that things are so predictable that there is a serenity to life or business that ensures no risk, irritation or challenge. I would rather stick a bus in my eye.

  • Gotta love predictions – Intel, Sony

    I really wish I could figure out where I found this. But like many things these days you bookmark something and read it on a flight or wake up with insomnia and find it in a reader – then a week or so later you think damn – where and who should I credit for […]

  • Connecting. The Dots.
    resilience arch snap2

    Thinking is a strange thing to describe. It’s almost one of those topics for which words have yet to be generated. Nowadays the person that thinks like someone walking across stepping stones – in sequential jumps – is going to lose out.

  • Will You Become Mindful or Monstrous?

    Are you a force of good — or evil? “If you surround yourself with monsters, you’ll become monstrous,” wrote Fast Company’s Drake Baer. That statement could have two meanings — one that’s positive, the other negative.It instantly reminds me of a 1950’s Cherokee parable that suggests that we all carry two wolves within us — one of that’s good, […]

  • Releasing Insight from Its Shackles

    They are everywhere – in documents, blogs, spreadsheets, databases, tweets, websites – an endless list of the containers within which we imprison insight. Possibly not the actual intention at the time of course but very often the outcome.

  • A 21st Century Business Credo

    When working on the impending launch of our first Group Partners’ product, Equipped4Thinking, I found myself challenged with truly defining what being a 21st Century business meant. As I began to study its very fragmented and fractured definition, I came to the conclusion that being a 21st Century business focuses on building enterprises through open forums […]

  • Leadership Manifesto: Creating A Visual Roadmap For Success

    A framework for leadership in the 21st Century. This last week Group Partners spoke and worked at The GGI Forum in a session called ‘Unlocking The Energy’, that consisted of 60 outstanding people who had come together to collaboratively map a leadership manifesto for 21st century business practices.

  • Building Gardens: The Freedom to Think

    I am not a gardener, so I owe what has emerged over the years to others – most recently to a lovely lady who cares for it like it was her own. It’s pretty ‘natural’ – a kind way of saying it’s only part tamed! A deliberate choice as it shares its life with a […]

  • Leadership & Resilience?
    resilience arch snap5

    Hazel Tiffany asks – How are we Doing? In too many cases the answer is – ‘Not that well’ – we haven’t found a single organisation that isn’t wrestling with the following

  • #ThinkAboutIt

    “Cause smarter conclusions by drawing better distinctions.“

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We use highly visual frameworks – Structured Visual Thinking™ – for the benefit of our clients.resilience arch snap2

We aim to develop the #Resilient business – fit for the 21st Century through critical interventions for our clients.

We help them reimagine their business, avoid solving the wrong problem really well, and achieve sustainable change within their enterprises.

We are a deliberately small team; a mix of strategists, creatives and systems thinkers.

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