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It's All About What Matters

Our world is full of Inconvenient Truths and Convenient Stances. 

Every aspect of life –  business, sport, social, natural, political, religious – is facing more and more challenge as change occurs faster and everything becomes way more complex – or complicated.

Over the centuries sophisticated systems and subsystems have evolved or been forced upon us. Over time significant changes have been made – one on top of another – to the foundations that were designed to underpin a world that existed in the dim and distant past – a world that has been consigned to history lessons.

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Those changes were not always – probably almost never – designed to support the ‘greater good’. While they responded to the challenge of the day, in most cases the answers were created by the people who created the problem – or at least enforced it. The result is a long history of legacy – systems, models, structures – they show up in many forms but share some very common patterns.

And now these legacies have reached a significant tipping point. It’s impossible to ignore that – everyone is talking about it now, especially those who have the most to gain by persuading us to make the latest change. Except another step change is not what we need. The more aware people are saying that there is a different change needed.

It may involve systems and the usual suspects but it starts from a very different perspective. It starts with us taking a much more honest look at what we have created and become, reconnecting with our humanity and putting purpose back into our lives.

Our Clients Matter

What Matters. Most

1. What Matters – is that a business/enterprise knows what’s actually going on. That it is clear and precise about its purpose, its value and what it takes to make it work as a complete system. Without that clarity how could everyone else possibly know how best to contribute meaningfully and have something to focus on?

2. What Matters – is that everyone involved knows what’s valuable and valued and how they contribute to creating and sustaining a healthy business and ecosystem. Without that what creates real connection and engagement? While everyone needs to earn a living its not the pay-check alone that creates commitment and pride.

3. What Matters – is understanding how actions and behaviours impact the ‘system’ and how best to embed systems and processes that work with the culture and identify of the organisation. Without knowing this the business is potentially spending time and effort on things of irrelevance and creating significant risk.

4. What Matters – is that we put humanity back into everything we do, the accountability/responsibility we have to each other and the world we live in. Without genuine compassion and mindful appreciation for the values that we need in order to live with integrity then we are creating environments that are unacceptable to the generations that represent our future.

5. What Matters – is that we accept chaos and ambiguity as a natural part of our lives and stop thinking that it can be artificially constrained or, worse, left to others to deal with. Without that we are trapped in the complexity that holds the most valuable insights and unable to leverage opportunity or respond to changing dynamics





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